About the company


Dear reader :) We are happy to welcome you in our Advertising Company from Polen on our Advertising service.

Let this be our virtual cup of coffe, (or tea as you prefer) which scent will lead you throug some of advertisement secrets. This cup i want to share with you, was made by youg talented people, who are passionate about their work in this trade. I’m sure it will be easier for you to express your needs while looking at our inspiring material.And you will find a way to introduce your product to the market and will make you achieve your goals.

Let me then tell you who we are and we do. I believe that this exactly moment is very important in this word, as we get ovewhelmed with informations each day and from every side. Plain facts and not interpersonal contact, although important, limit us to use just a few words, let’s say “KEY WORDS”.

Basically by creating adverts and advertising campains through past years, not only for individual clients but also corporations and bigger companies, we created a “golden mean” for us. This process was only possible based on years of our experience.

We put an  effort on one hand, so the ad we create will express a great deal of charisma, from other, our individual approach to every project and taking care of every detail let us win  trust of many great Clients. We became an uniqie bussiness partner because we combine implementing new ideas and newest achievments into the market as well by fulfilling individual dreams and by still keeping up to market standarts. We believe to be extraordinary in the production of our gadgets on every step of the process, including bussiness terms.

All of this combines to one of the best offers on the polish market that we are proud to present it to you :)

Four main categories that we offer are:

Advertising gadgets – By taking care of our clients we need to let them think nicely and warmly about us. Small tastefull gadget like a pen with your company’s ad, or pencase, wallet, watch, clock,mug or even a mascot will do their role great. And you get to be with your client all the time. Our gadget offer  includes: reflectives, different kinds of bags, key lines, trash bags, car wheels bags, clocks .

Outdoor advertisement – is indeed considered as  one of the most effective advertisement forms because it follows us on every step of our life.As the most popular we can count billboards, illuminated adverts, banners, ad boards, rollbanners and transit advertisings. If you like to invest in the future of your company, we recommend you luminous coffers , ad banners, boards and billboards, ads on vehicles, frames, flags, stands,masts, rollups andphotograph wallpapers with your own design.

Advertising poligraphy  – all our materials are constructed artfully and are alyway there when our client needs them. Bussiness cards, company paper, flyers, calendars or casebooks will let your brand be known and remembered and which goes with it-you company will be seen.

Webdesiging is  becoming more and more efficient and popular. Considering this market need, we cannot stay indifferent . In this time when internet in growing as one of the biggest communication factors, also  your company should have full possibility of coworking with your client by using this tool.

In addition we made a special offer. This department is responsable for promotion and advertising due  to present season, as well as newest events in social and cultural life. So you can  find here  unforgetable christmas gifts, gadgets, ad prints and banners. Things  that are usuful during festivals, sport competition or even can be used in everyday life. We highly recommend this department!

Please have a look and read the most interesting category for you.

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