About the company

I am pleased to welcome you to our advertising service – ADVERTISER ADVERTISER IN WROCŁAW Neoimprenta.

I am glad that we are meeting in this place because it is an opportunity to invite you to a shared “virtual cup” of freshly brewed coffee (or tea as you prefer), which smell will lead you nicely through the secrets of advertising, and which I want to share with you along with a team of talented people for whom work is a real passion I hope that thanks to this it will be easier for you to define your needs, look at the interesting material that will inspire you to implement ideas or goals.

Let me at the beginning, in a few words, tell you who we are and what we do. I think that this moment is extremely important in a world where we are filled with dry facts from every side, in which interpersonal communication is constantly blurred and the Internet, despite its unprecedented breadth and power, limits us to scribbling a few so-called “key words” “.

Namely, dealing with the creation of advertising and promotion for over a dozen years, both individual customers and large enterprises and based on our experience, we have managed to work out a so-called “golden mean”.

On the one hand, we make every effort to ensure that the advertisement created by us speaks with great charisma, on the other, an individual approach to each of the projects and great attention to the smallest detail of the created advertisement allowed us to earn the trust of many great customers. By implementing ideas and industry novelties in market needs, realizing individual dreams or maintaining advertising standards, we have become a unique Business Partner. What distinguishes us is the implementation of advertising materials at all levels of production, including attractive commercial terms.

All this consists of one of the widest offers available on the market, which we are proud to share with you

The categories of services we offer include:

ADVERTISING GADGES – Taking care of our clients, we must remember them to think about us as warmly as we do about them. A small, tasteful gadget with your company’s advertising will perfectly fulfill your role here. Now you can be at your client all the time. The offer gadgets with prints: reflections with prints, stationery, first aid kits, thermos, mugs, thermal mugs, pendrives, powerbanks, etc.

NADRUKI NA TEKSTYLIACH / GARMENTS – In this section we offer you printing on clothing and advertising on advertising materials such as printed t-shirts, jackets, softshell, fleece jackets with embroidery, logo caps, bandanas with print and backpacks with prints and material bags / cotton with logo, lanyards, umbrellas with a logo, laptop or tablet bags and many more.

OUTER ADVERTISEMENT – Rightly considered the most effective form of advertising, because it accompanies us almost at every moment of our lives. The most popular are: billboards, light boxes, banners and billboards, rollbaners and advertising on vehicles. If you like to invest in the future of your company, we recommend light panels, advertising banners, boards and billboards, advertising on vehicles, stands, frames, masts and flags, rollup, and wall murals with an individual print, etc.

ADVERTISING POLIGRAPHY – Skilfully constructed printing materials can always be at the customer’s fingertips. Business cards, letterheads, advertising leaflets, calendars or folders will allow you to remember the brand – they will make your company visible.

DESIGNING WEBSITES – A very popular form of advertising that nobody can be indifferent to. In the Internet era every important company, including yours, should have the possibility of dynamic cooperation with the client. A website is an ideal solution here.

FILM ANIMATIONS FROM PHOTOS / ADVERTISING SPOTS – The latest and most effective forms of visual advertising !!! An excellent product for promoting a company, product, brand in a multimedia form with 3D logo graphics, background music and for those interested, along with a teacher.

If you need to document an event, training, integration party, wedding, birthday, baptism and you only have photos – contact us and take advantage of the pleasure of immortalizing these events in a unique and unforgettable way.

Therefore, respecting your time and your client’s time, allow yourself the convenience, comfort, luxury and satisfaction with the implementation of all advertising materials needed to promote your company or product brand available in one place. With pleasure, precision and reliability, we will create unique graphic designs, help you choose the right form of advertising, and implement it from scratch. So if you need to design a logo, create graphics for advertising materials, produce business cards, leaflets, folders, stickers, advertising banners, posters, rollups, advertising and cotton bags, gadgets with prints, billboards, light boxes or billboards … WELCOME!

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