Advertising gadgets

An effective ad is a subtle ad.

We want our clients to think only the best about us, as we do think about them. Small, tasteful gadget like a pen with company’s logo, key-chain, mug, umbrella, watch or clock or even a mascot will fulfil their purpose great. And you get to be with your Customer all year long.

With our company you will discover really unique t-shirts. Our T-shirts are available in all sizes and colours. Except standard T-Shirts we offer polo shirts, long sleeves, sweathirts, caps, baseball caps, fleece jackets, worker uniforms and many others. We only work with the fabrics of the best quality what makes our clothes long lasting. We […]
It will be hard for you to be parted from our bags as well as plastic bags. In our offer you will find paper bags and handy shopping bags. The prints are always placed on our products with highest accuracy, according to our Customers wishes and expectations.
Print on reflective vests: single colour, size up to A4, in special price! This offer is limited! Please make use of this one-time opportunity!
SWEET ADVERTISING IN SWEET TASTE Advertising sweets and sweets with print in individual packaging – an excellent form of advertising for every occasion. The offer also includes chocolates, pastilles, dragees, bonbons, biscuits, lollipops, FIT products, delicatessen bins, products with a heart, seasonal offers – Easter, Christmas, Sports SWEET AND EFFECTIVE !!! We invite you to […]
Reflection gadgets with prints  are a great form of creating the image of your company . That’s why we created a wide choice of reflective producs for children and adults. We offer reflective vests with print, key-chains, suspenders, products with LED lights, reflective stickers, bags, scarves, and sleeves for cyclers. Wide range of gadgets will […]
Gadgets, presents, small gifts. Everyone will find something in our offer. In our offer you will find: pens, key chains, pencils, rulers, watches, clocks, calculators, umbrellas, bags, backpacks, thermoses, mugs, caps, scarfs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerkins. We can fulfil all of your wishes and expectations. Just tell us what is it that you need and we […]
Advertising in the smallest detail! We offer prints on leashes in different colours, finished with quick release coupling, carabiner or telephone ending. Available width 10, 15, 20 millimeters. We also recmomend to accessorize your leash with personal tags, additional security and other gadgets. We recommend full colour sublimation printed leashes. This guarantee as well technological […]
A meless item especially for you.ti We make labelings on glass, metal and leather in sandblasting, engraving and graverton technology. We use only high quality materials so you can be sure to get the best and longlasting product.
It makes your eye happy and helps you in every situation. Whatever you prefer. You are a pen-person? No problem. Maybe a ballpoint pen? Also in our offer. Especially to satisfy our Clients we prepared a large choice of writing gadgets. What you will find here is  a wide range of tastefully made pens together […]
Advertising Mugs
Your ad around the clock. The clock has become one of the symbols of modern culture. Why shouldn’t we make use of this fact in your advertising? Prints on clocks are becoming more and more popular so we included this feature in our offer. Your company will be remembered every time your client will check […]
Fire up you impression. We offer lighters in many kinds: flint, flint with opening, electronic made of plastic, electronic with stickers, electronic with LED lights, electronic with pen, with colour gas, with opener, electronic made out of metal. Additionally we offer fire starters: plastic or metal. On every kind of them we put your print […]
We would like to present you a new generation of original gadgets unprecedented marketing effectiveness. Gadgets Smart Puzzles is a unique collection of creative gadgets stainless steel, where the solution lies in separation from each other elements without using force! Our gadgets intrigue, excite, fascinate and draw. We address it to any company that wants […]
We will attach your idea to every kind of fabric. We print every possible print-kind  on every available fabrics, weather yours or ours. WE have many years of experience and professional equipment which brought us to the best quality of print. Our offer includes: Computer stitch – your pattern will be  stitched using a maschine […]

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