Kind of prints

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We will attach your idea to every kind of fabric.

We print every possible print-kind  on every available fabrics, weather yours or ours. WE have many years of experience and professional equipment which brought us to the best quality of print.

Our offer includes:

Computer stitch – your pattern will be  stitched using a maschine and a thread on fabric. This method is used on products like: T-shirts, fleece jackets, towels, hats, scarfs and worker uniforms.

Advertising stitch – your company’s logo according to your design and others.

Flex, flock, plastizol transfer – Your print will be transfered using plotter made motive on a special basis, then cut along the outline and put under press on the fabric. Can be adjusted to any kind of cloth.

Screenprinting – this is a technique of applying  lotion-prints, using a pattern on a net. This gives an opportunity of recreating the patter in Pantone colours or photographical prints in CMYK technology. It’s used to print on many different meterials, like paper, foil, metal, cloth,  paperboards, plastic discs.

Pad printing – is a printing method basen on putting a permanent paint with soft tampon on unequal and unregular surfaces. This is specially recommended for pens, fire-lightera, mugs and other.

Sublimation Printing-or dye-sub printer – The pattern is printed with special sublimation paint on paper and reprinted with thermoprass on white farbic or poliester cloth. Also on other substrates coverd with white or transparent poliester.

Flock or satin basis to attache full colour sublimation and heat into material. This is a perfect way to make full color prints in small volumes.


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