Modern technology in the service of advertising.

Currently, the increasingly popular form of advertising, which no one should be indifferent. In the Internet age population of each company, including yours, you should be able to dynamic cooperation with the customer. The website is the ideal solution here. It allows you to present bids in a manner adapted to the constantly changing market needs. Pleasing to the eye visuals and ease of use ensure the favor of even the most demanding customers.

We design graphics pages, and then install them on the client’s server.

Created by our websites characterized by rich and diverse layout, combined with transparency, full functionality and availability for users. We also offer specialized systems for managing content on the site (CMS). They allow the introduction of new content on the page and elements without interfering with the overall look of the page. The process of uploading and updating content on the site is done using a tool similar to the most popular text editors. It is extremely simple to use, even for people without computer expertise.

Owners of websites in addition to the publication of selected content on the site also need additional functionality, providing the opportunity of direct contact with users. Our offer in this range includes graphic design services, installation, as well as the introduction of a content management system (CMS), extended respectively to the project. Additional opportunities offered by such a system include. Optional control and modify user accounts, forums, commenting on articles, store and retrieve files, and many others.

Here are a few examples of implementation:

Outpatient rehabilitation for children:

              Original Manufactory Candies and Lollipops in Lower Silesia:                                  

                                   Outpatient rehabilitation for adults:

Rental, service and sales of construction machinery:



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