Storefront – A natural place for advertising


“The use of the free surface of the glass exhibition is an excellent idea to attract customers. The site is in fact a natural marketing tool that has the most shops and shopping places. Naturally so, you need to use it.”

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Shop exposition is a showcase of the brand and at the same time a tool of customer acquisition, caught him in the interaction and invitation to the inside – it’s free advertising medium that we have a permanent space in our sales. It is also a tool for sales support and a message for the recipient of the resources, products, and answer the question whether it is worth to cross the threshold and look inside. Recent studies show that up to 80% of customers opting for the entrance to the store under the influence of the exhibition, and about 75% of them admit that sometimes buys in the store, which encouraged their exhibition. Therefore, it is important to consciously and effectively plan the organization of the advertising space that is the site, rethink your idea of ​​such advertising whereas the effect they want to achieve, and taking into account its functionality.

“Site can be used in three ways. We can treat it as a” business card “, then it is a constant, long-term exposure informing about the services and products available,” behind the doors “- the main tool of such exposure is a foil and light boxes. The next scene, the site” stage “popular is mainly used in fashion stores. it is characterized by dynamism, artistry, luxury, and its job is to sell the story and emotions, taking advantage of the products behind the door. the last site “the sales” is a site used for short-term promotion of information and product solutions. Today, most commonly seen in offices of banks and insurers. “

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